A School Social Worker With Financial Peace of Mind After Working With ISLS.

Westerville-Adam Rex-PhotoIt’s A No Brainer!

Adam Rex and his wife both work in education; he is a School Social Worker and she is a teacher. With 3 boys under 5, including twins, Rex could sure use a little extra cash left over at the end of the month.  ISLS helped him find it.  Here is his story:

“I received an email from my HR Department last fall.  Funny thing is I didn’t really pay much attention to it because I thought it sounded way to too good to be true.  A lot of people didn’t give it the time of day because they thought it was a scam.

I have seen so many ads on TV and on the internet making all of these outrageous claims, and I figured I wouldn’t qualify.  Then one day a colleague of mine told me he looked into it, was working with ISLS and saving a whole bunch of money.  He convinced me to try it.  I figured I didn’t really have anything to lose and if it worked for him maybe it could work for me.

I didn’t say anything to my wife right away because I wanted to find out for myself if it really was as good as it sounded.  I made my appointment and asked my Advisor, Sharon, a million questions.  She had solid answers for every question, nothing shady.

I was still thinking, what’s the catch?  So, I told my banker father-in-law about it, he and the loan guys at the bank looked into it.  They couldn’t believe it!  It really is legit and there’s no downside to it.  ISLS also has a fantastic rating with the BBB that eased some of my concerns.

We aren’t millionaires and with three kids every dollar counts.  I have a lot more financial peace of mind after working with ISLS.  My student loan debt was such a huge stress hanging over my head and I just resigned myself to paying on it forever.  What choice did I have but to just chip away at it as best I could?  I am grateful that my HR Department shared the information about ISLS and provided us with a better solution.

I tell people look into it, you have nothing to lose and would be stupid not to.  It’s a no brainer!

My wife and I feel great knowing that all the money we are saving on student loan debt will go to help our three boys pay for their college education someday.  Over the term of the program it is a huge chunk of money that will help secure their future.” 

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