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The Yoakums on the Lawn of their New Home

Imagine finding your dream home, knowing you can afford it but finding your dreams dashed because your student loan debt payment is too high.  That is what happened to Timbra and Scott Yoakum.  They were disappointed when their mortgage broker told them their debt to income ratio made buying their dream home impossible.  That was until Timbra received an email from her local education service agency, Region 10, in Texas.

“I work outside of Dallas under the Region 10 service center and read about a student loan forgiveness program in their newsletter.  I had been skeptical about these kinds of programs because I knew so many of them had bad reputations.  I tried to access loan forgiveness on my own and received conflicting advice and so many different answers, I was nervous about trying anything else.

I had no idea how I was going to afford to pay off my loans and still have a life.  I just didn’t know enough. After my negative experiences attempting this on my own in the past, not having enough information and not knowing where to go to get credible help, I kept putting it off.  When I read the information in the Region 10 newsletter, I felt more secure and was grateful they had done the research and were offering us help.  I felt more confident moving forward with ISLS knowing it was coming from my education agency.

You understand very quickly that there is a lot you don’t know about loan forgiveness.  I am grateful for the experts at ISLS who showed the utmost professionalism and were extremely knowledgeable.  This company didn’t feel like one of those scammy Facebook banners.  There is a marked difference in the level of knowledge and expertise, and that made me feel very confident.

My Advisor, Sharon, made everything so easy and went to great lengths to develop a relationship with me.  I really trusted her. Being able to talk and build a relationship with her helped me build trust and erased all hesitations I was having.  Not having to do any of the legwork made the process easy and was such a huge relief.

What wasn’t so easy was trying to make our mortgage broker understand  we really could afford the house of our dreams.  She just didn’t understand the program and questioned how I was significantly reducing my monthly student loan payment by so much.  We were really getting down to the wire when Sharon and my Solutions Specialist, Will, jumped in to help us out.  Sharon and Will were able to help her understand the process, expedite things and it showed up on my credit report the day before I needed to close on the house.  It was AMAZING.

My husband has a business background and was extremely skeptical about ISLS and the program.  In the beginning he really wasn’t on board.  After going through the whole process with me, talking with Will and Sharon, and seeing the results with the mortgage, he is a true believer.  Now Sharon is going to help him with his debt!

After working with ISLS, I no longer have the burden (carried all through undergrad and Master’s degree) of how I am going to pay for my loans; it is just a non-issue now.   We freed up so much money on a monthly basis we have been able to afford our dream house, pay off additional debts and look forward to a financially stable future in our forever home.  I have shared my story with co-workers and tell them, ‘This is just the way to go!’”

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To Infinity and Beyond with ISLS- Ohio Guidestone-Mindy Kaminiski

Kaminsky Family in front of Cinderella's Castle
To Infinity and Beyond

Mindy Kaminski from Ohio Guidestone (a Social Service Agency) felt like she was working to pay for daycare and student loan debt. Here is her story:

“I just finished my Master’s Degree and was looking for help with my loan debt but had no idea where to go or how to get started.  I actually had a friend who attempted to get into the PSLF program on her own. She thought she was in the program, was making payments, and then found out she wasn’t actually in the program and none of the payments she made counted. I just wasn’t willing to take that risk. Then, my employer, Ohio Guidestone, sent out information about ISLS.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this was just another one of those programs that takes your money but never really does much for you. I called and scheduled an appointment but was still hesitant and cancelled and rescheduled several times before I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results, and the huge positive impact it has had on my life. Before ISLS helped me drastically reduce my student loan payment, I figured I would be working just to pay my student loan debt and daycare. I was beginning to wonder if it was really worth it. Working with ISLS gave me peace of mind that it was done right and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

I really appreciated the fact that I whenever I had a question or concern I was able to speak with someone right away. Jane and Cody explained everything thoroughly, even when my husband and I asked 1000 questions.

Now , with the money I am saving every month, I can pay for daycare and have money for other things like our first family vacation to Disney World. We took our 3 year-old son this summer and he got to meet Buzz Lightyear. It truly feels like working with ISLS has taken me to ‘infinity and beyond’! “

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“What a Huge Stress Reliever”


As a single mom and full-time manager the last thing Rachel needs is more stress and pressure.  When she received email communication from Lakeland Healthcare about the possibility of reducing her student loan debt she was a little skeptical.  Her experience with Innovative Student Loan Solutions, her Advisor, Steve, and her Solutions Representative, Will, have done nothing but put her at ease.

“I’m always a little skeptical, but since it came from corporate I figured it had to be legitimate, so I decided to look into it. Lakeland Healthcare is a really good company to work for, I trust them and appreciate that they are looking out for me.

Before Innovative Student Loan Solutions I was feeling like it was going to take me forever to get my loans paid off.  After going through the plan with, Steve, I realized that I could actually have the future I am dreaming of and not be locked into student loan payments for the rest of my life.

I really liked all the information Steve provided. It wasn’t like he was trying to sell me something or hound me about it. He set up my personal strategy and made it easy to understand. I had already tried to do some of it on my own but after talking with Steve I knew it was the right decision to hand it over to ISLS.

I have so much to sift through every day and what’s nice is that if I get emails from FedLoans all I have to do is forward them to Will and he takes care of it for me. I love that they put their photos on emails and I can see that they are real people.

Just click on the link, set up the appointment and see what you can save. There’s no pressure, it’s just here are the facts, here it is in writing.  You make the decision. You really have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work out.”

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Sweeter Dreams with ISLS

Kimberly’s employer informed her of a new benefit that they were offering to employees. Student loan forgiveness. She explained that it was great her employer was “taking the chance to help someone, but I was nervous to face my student loan crisis.”

Avoiding her student loans was almost a game for Kimberly. She “used to have trouble sleeping because of her student loan debt. I prayed to win the lottery. I never prayed to win a lot; I didn’t want to be greedy. I just prayed for enough to cover my student loans.”

Kimberly decided to give us a call because her student loans were a big gray storm cloud following her around. She was glad she did call!

When Kimberly first started working with Kellie, her personal advisor, she thought it was too good to be true. She wondered, “Is this even legal?” Will, Kimberly’s Solution Specialist, helps her stay on track.

With her payments decreasing over 80%, Kimberly is now able to sleep and do other things. “I don’t have to get a second job. This is the biggest stress reliever.”

When Kimberly was asked what she would say to anyone considering our service, she simply replied that she already has referred someone. “I told my sister about you. She is saving now too. I am so grateful for your company. This is so nice that I can sleep now.”

For more information on how ISLS can help you sleep better at night,  visit our website at www.brianvest.com

Stress Free & Loving It – Maggie’s Story


Maggie is happy to be working at a non-profit but the traditionally lower salaries can be a huge challenge when it comes to trying to meet all of your expenses.  “Nobody tells you when you choose social work as a career how hard it will be to pay back your student loans and pay all of your other bills.”

One day she received an e-mail from her employer about our services and decided to check us out.  She clicked on the link and answered 5 simple questions to get the process started.

At the beginning, she was slightly skeptical because she felt like this was just “too good to be true.” Then a friend elected to use our service with the guidance of her husband, a financial advisor. This gave Maggie the reassurance she needed to continue the process and speak with one of our student loan forgiveness advisors.

First Maggie met with Steve, one of our Senior Advisors. Steve showed Maggie how we would be able to reduce her monthly student loan payments by 75%. After her strategy was created, Will from our Solutions Team, put the strategy into action.

Maggie is thrilled with how quickly Steve and Will respond to her. “They make handling my student loans easier and they always explain everything fully, so that I don’t feel confused.”

Since working with ISLS, Maggie’s life has become less stressful. “I am able to pay my other bills on time and better manage my money without feeling the burden of my student loans anymore.”

For those considering using our service, Maggie would tell you that, “You have nothing to lose. You’ll save a ton and it makes your day-to-day life easier.”


A Modern Day Cinderella Story

Marthe Chruch
Marthe Church Is Going to The Chapel

Marthe is committed to working in the nonprofit sector and giving back to her community. The upside to this is that she feels good helping others, the downside is she has struggled to independently support herself and pay her student loan debt. She was introduced to ISLS through her friend and former boss. She told Marthe that, although she didn’t know much about what ISLS does, she knew that ISLS could help Marthe with her student loans. Taking her friend’s advice, Marthe gave us a chance because of our no-obligation consultations and process.

Steve, one of our Senior Advisors, was Marthe’s first point of contact. Marthe lives locally so she was able to meet Steve in person for her consultations. “You could tell Steve genuinely cared about me, my money and my situation. We had a personable discussion and I immediately felt a level of comfort with him. I was not just another person to ISLS. He wasn’t simply saying things to get me in the door, he has been true to his word.”

After Marthe’s initial consultation, Steve created a student loan forgiveness strategy tailored to her individual situation and life goals. “Steve had a personal plan specific to me, not just a demographic that I simply fit in.”

Once Marthe chose to have ISLS execute her strategy, the implementation process was transferred to Will, one of our Solutions Specialists. “Will is my go-to guy. He handles everything for me. It even seems as though he is on my personal payroll to help me when I need it. Will breaks everything down for me and always responds very quickly. He eases every worry I have and checks on my student loan situation regularly.”

Since using our service, Marthe is “$200 richer every month.” She recently became engaged and is able to save for a wedding from her monthly student loan savings.

When Marthe was asked what advice she would give to someone considering our service, she clearly stated “Go through the process, meet with them, and give them a chance. You can be as hesitant as you would like, but it will come back to bite you if you don’t take the chance . The process is an hour of your time to listen to their plan. Everything I was told that would happen has happened.”

ISLS is thrilled to have helped Marthe reduce her emotional and financial stress and we hope she lives happily ever after.

For more information on how ISLS can help make your dreams come true,  visit our website at www.brianvest.com

Success Story featuring Brandy

Brandy heard about ISLS through her employer believing that student loan forgiveness was unreachable and something that was too good to be true. “I thought there has to be a catch to this but I’m going to call, and it’s worth a shot. If they say no regarding my situation, then at least I tried.”

 After Brandy called, she was scheduled for her no-obligation phone consultation with Missy, one of our advisors. Since the first call “everything has been smooth sailing. I’ve been very pleased since the beginning. It has been great.”

Once Brandy became a client, Will, our Solutions Specialist started to implement the strategy Missy created for Brandy.  “Will has been wonderful and he never leaves me worrying. He is well-informed and he always responds right away. He does his job very well.”

 Since Will began Brandi’s strategy implementation, her life has been a lot less stressful. “My husband and I now have an extra $300 per month. We have even been able to save up to buy a house. My husband is in school now, so we can concentrate on him and not have to worry about my student loans anymore.”

“Anyone considering using your service should absolutely do it. I have barely had to do any work, just get my information together to email it to you and you guys do the rest. I have not one complaint and this has been one of the best things to ever happen to me.”

Success Story featuring Noelle!


Noelle heard about us through her employer. She was concerned she would not benefit from student loan forgiveness, however since her employer suggested ISLS she contacted us for assistance.

Obtaining her Master’s degree is something that Noelle knew she needed to accomplish, but had no idea how she would find the means to finish it. “My only concern was if the program would help at all with a Master’s.”

After speaking with Jeff and Meghan, Noelle was thrilled to learn how she could return to school for little to no extra cost. “Both Jeff and Meghan were always so polite and informational. They told me everything I needed to know. I am especially excited about getting my Master’s with this program.”

ISLS’ service has been life changing for Noelle in many ways. “It took a lot of stress out of my life. If it weren’t for the program, I would not have gone back to school. The student loan debt was overwhelming and has been a load off my shoulders. After 1o years of lower payments, it’s just gone!”

“Anyone with a significant amount of debt should go ahead and sign up with you, especially if they plan to go back to school. Either way you have to pay on your student loans, so you might as well shorten the payment period through ISLS.”

We are happy to have helped Noelle return to school to obtain her Master’s. Ask us how we can help you go back to school like Noelle with little to no out-of-pocket cost!