Why Didn’t My Loan Servicer Tell Me About This?

kingKilian King is a teacher at The Glass City Academy in Toledo, Ohio.  He had been waiting for five years to take advantage of the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, but was denied because his school doesn’t qualify.  Here is his story:

“Obviously I was extremely disappointed when I was denied because I was under the impression that I was eligible based on the population of students I work with.  I was feeling very discouraged and thought the conditions were so difficult that it was designed to limit the number of students who could take advantage of it.  I just decided to give up.  At that point I started deferring my student loans payments hoping something would come along that would make them more manageable.   I knew I would be facing many years of payments eventually.

 There were so many scams out there; credit companies and others who just want your money, but then I received an email about ISLS.   I was hesitant because I thought ISLS might be a scam as well, so I waited for some time and finally decided to try it since the information came from my principal.

 The single most important thing to me was how thoroughly my Advisor explained the laws and regulations that can be used to reduce student loan payments.  I did not understand it completely at first, but both my Advisor and Solutions Specialist were very patient and explained everything in detail.  The question I had was why didn’t my loan servicer explain all of this to me and tell me about my options? 

I am extremely happy about working with ISLS.  Both my wife and I have student loans, she was trying a different company and I was going with ISLS.  We decided she should hold onto what she was doing and see what happens with ISLS.  As it all progressed, and I saw my plan, I told her that this is very genuine and such a relief.  Now we are working with our Solutions Specialist to get her into the program as well.

I am telling everyone I work with you should do this!  Jump in, go right ahead and work with them.  All you have to lose is anxiety and stress.  I no longer have the nagging financial concerns and worry that were consuming my thoughts.  Now I can concentrate more on being the best teacher possible for my students.”

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