A Teacher From Wisconsin Who Says ISLS Helped Her Get The “Debt Monkey” Off Her Back.
maryMary Denise Thompson was in her early 40’s when she earned her degree in music education.  By the time she graduated, the job market had crashed and pay in Wisconsin had been frozen for years.  The stress of paying off her student loan debt was consuming her life. 

“I had used a lot of forbearance, just putting off the inevitable because I didn’t know how I was going to pay it.  I used to wake up at 3:00 am and the first thing I thought about was that debt.  I had so many sleepless nights.  It was like a monkey on my back.

I was skeptical of all the student loan forgiveness out there and figured it was all a scam, then I received an email from our Superintendent and I thought, he is not going to pass this along if it isn’t good.  I have to say though, I still worried it was probably too good to be true.

It turned out to be wonderful because the first thing my Advisor, Andrew, did was give me lots of information about all of my options.  He said I could do it on my own if I wanted to.  I started calling around but it was too confusing.   I figured if all I had to do all day what this I could maybe get it done, but gee whiz who has that much time? 

I did call my brother who is an accountant, and after he heard about everything ISLS was doing for me he said, “Pay them, they know what they are doing, so just let them do it, then you know it’s done right!”

My Advisor, Andrew, was able to work through all of the tax complications in Wisconsin, and ultimately I ended up with a ZERO payment.  I keep that letter from my loan servicer on the table next to my relaxing chair.  I just keep looking at that letter and feeling grateful my Superintendent sent us the information about ISLS.  

I wrote a letter and told him I was so appreciative that he took the time to make sure this was not a fly by night, and he supported this.  I do have a more positive feeling about our administration because they are doing what they can to look out for us.

It was literally a weight taken off my shoulders, like the sun came out and I heard the Hallelujah chorus. That’s exactly what I told my husband!

I have been telling everyone, don’t hesitate, call, set up that first appointment; the relief is good for your health. A huge thank you to everyone in your company who makes this happen because it really is such a blessing.  If it makes you feel this good, it truly is a blessing.”

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