Innovative Student Loan Solutions (ISLS) is now offering tax preparation services through a trusted partner. Our partner is an expert in Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), understands how you need to file your taxes and will look for ways to minimize tax liability and maximize the return. You won’t have to educate your preparer (or figure out yourself) how to file in relation to your loan forgiveness strategy.

PSLF requires us to maintain much of the information necessary to prepare taxes. Additional documents needed for preparing your tax return may simply be uploaded to your
MyISLS Portal. We understand the importance of filing your taxes “married, filing separate” in order to maximize your student loan savings. While filing jointly may lower taxes, it could cost you thousands more in student loan payments and overall student loan forgiveness. Regrettably, we have had clients get their loan forgiveness plan from us, turn around and incorrectly file their taxes themselves (or through their preparer), and end up with a costly year of larger loan payments, less forgiveness, and lost money.

Individual Services

Tax Preparation & 1040

The following personalized services are available for individuals:
  • Rental Property Planning
  • Small Business (Sole Proprietors)
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • Annual income tax planning
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Estate, gift, and trust planning
  • Tax free exchanges

Estate & Trust Planning

Estate Planning is not just having a will. It involves arrangements for managing your assets while you are alive. Upon your death, advanced preparation may minimize the estate tax impact on your family.
Usually estate and trust services involve a team of professionals: Certified Public Accountants (CPA), an attorney, a financial planner or investment advisor. We will work closely with your professionals to create a tailored plan for you and your family.

Services include:
  • Federal and state fiduciary income tax return preparation
  • Federal and state estate tax return preparation
  • Financial statement preparation and related accounting services
  • Estate planning

To learn more about how we can help you with Tax Preparation or Estate & Trust Planning - Contact